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I'm Euwyn. As I understand it, attention is the scarce resource of our time. So if you have to browse quickly, here is a super-brief intro.

tl;dr → I reside currently in Melbourne, Australia. 🇦🇺 → ☀️: I'm currently Accelerator Associate @ Startmate. The Startmate accelerator is Australia's leading startup accelerator. → 🌙 : You'll likely find me reading or writing essays (ideally in cafes), food-hunting or playing the guitar and posting unsolicited jazzy covers on IG. → I'm obsessively interested in philosophy, technology and human nature.


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[WIP] Working with Euwyn - A Guide To How I Work [Sep 2020, v0]

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Beauty as a Worldview: Part 1 of 3 (19 min read)

Beauty as some kind of a worldview, as opposed to mere appearance or a means of commerce. Beauty, as a philosophy of life and as a lens through which one can conceive the world. → Read more


Thesis № 1: The Future of Community is Private Cities (6 min read)

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